Carpooling is an increasingly common way of travelling, that offers many advantages to all the people that take part in it: it is simple, economic, ecological and friendly. Carpooling allows drivers to offer any available seats to other passengers, thus reducing the transportation costs and having a less monotonous journey, while allowing to passengers to search for rides to the place of their choice. Moreover, our platform enables its members to share their daily commutes, as well as other trips, such as weekend getaways or holiday departures.

This page is extremely simple and easy to use. You have two ways to use our page: either as a driver, by publishing a trip, either as a passenger, by searching for available trips. As a driver you will have to complete a form with details for your trip: a brief description of your vehicle, route, date and time of trip, the number of available seats and the size of luggage allowed. As a passenger you can use our page to search for the route and the departure date that interest you, and then contact members, from the list of results, in order to arrange your trip. It is possible to increase the potential affinities with another member by stating in your profile if you like listening to music while driving, if you allow smoking in the car or if you will accept to carry pets. To make communication between the member of our community even easier, we have created an alert system for any member who wishes to be notified by e -mail or SMS each time a route that interests is published on our platform.

The platform therefore plays only an intermediary role between members with additional space during a trip and members who are looking for a ride, and thus facilitates the communication between them. In addition to offering a simple way to save money by sharing fuel costs and tolls, our platform enables you to do something good for the environment, since carpooling uses already existing means of transport and offers many ecological advantages: it reduces traffic congestion, optimises your car's use and it simplifies any parking problems. But beyond all these benefits, carpooling reduces the monotony of driving alone, by giving a warm and friendly note to your trip and by creating links between our members; car journeys are often the occasion of heated discussions, exchange of services, or even new friendships!