Louis, 42 years old

I work in Paris but I live an hour away from where my office is located. Every morning and every afternoon I have to endure alone the traffic jams of the route I have to take to commute to my office. Thanks to Shareyourcommute, I found another person who is commuting to the same places and has similar timetables with me! Now I reduce my transportation costs in half, and I have made a good friend who keeps me company while I drive.

Léa, 21 years old

I love travelling! With every chance I get, I try to spend my free days discovering a new part of my country. However, as a student, I don’t always have the financial means to satisfy my cravings for adventure. With Shareyourcommute I am able to find trips to a variety of destinations, anytime I want and in a reasonable price!! Not to mention that meeting new people is always a pleasure.

Amélie, 26 years old

In my opinion, carpooling is the perfect way to combine: low transport costs, a friendly trip that will allow you to meet new people and greater respect for the environment. Why bother making a trip alone when carpooling has many so many benefits to offer?

Alexandre, 32 years old

Recently I got engaged! My fiancée? She is a young woman with whom I carpooled to go from Bordeaux to Lille. During the 8 hours of our journey, we had plenty of time to get to know each other. Since then I have become a great supporter of carpooling!

Guillaume, 24 years old

Carpooling is for me, an ideal solution that enables me to follow my wishes to go on a weekend trip or on vacation despite my meager savings. Shareyourcommute.com presents a wide range of trips and now all destinations seem more accessible than ever!

Sylvie, 51 years old

I'm not very good at using the Internet or with anything else related to technology either... However, the Shareyourcommute website seemed very easy and simple to use, that I didn’t even need to ask my children’s help in order to post my first carpooling offer! Since I swears carpool and go see my parents in Alsace seems to me be mission impossible! Since joining the Shareyourcommute community I am able to visit regularly my parents in Alsace, a trip that had always been extremely difficult to make before.

Thibault, 19 years old

Last summer I got into the longest carpooling trip in the history of carpools: Paris-Budapest! In the end, my trip was such an equally great experience as my stay in Hungary: I spent two days traveling the roads of Europe and discovering new landscapes in the company of three other people that I've had the pleasure to meet during the trip. A great adventure that I recommend to everyone!

Véronique, 37 years old

I live in the suburbs of Grenoble and a leg injury prevents me from driving. Therefore, for a long time I have been dependent on bus schedules, strikes and the climate (heavy snowfalls are very common in my city) every time I want to go somewhere. On Shareyourcommute I found a great number of people doing the same route as me to go to work. Now I have a regular carpooling companion who will pick up me near my house and with whom I can have a much more friendly and comfortable trip than the ones I had with public transport!